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Tarot Readings, Psychic Insight and Emotional clearing of the Mind, soul,Spirit and body


I am able to help you clear your life’s blockages, helping you to find your True Potential, where you were suppose to be, you are in charge of your life you are the driver of your Destiny.

I have assisted many people through spiritual and tarot work over the last 16 years. It is the tool I use to help people build the life they want to lead.

Experience & Qualifications in Psychic Spiritual Emotional Counseling Clairvoyance Clair audience Clair-sentience Psychometry, Shamanism, Remote Animal Healing and Communication, Clearing of Houses Remote Healing Remote Viewing Medium– Connect with loved ones after they have passed on Tarot Readings Dream Interpretations Spirit guide digital drawing Metaphysical Alchemist

Let me help you to reconnect you with your sacred Self, find your True Potential in your life.

Each reading is unique to you:

  • Help you choose directions in a new life path.
  • what is blocking your life progress.
  • Resolve relationship issues.
  • Guidance to find the love you are looking for
  • Overcome insecurities, fear and self doubt
  • Make important life and career choices
  • Pet death and closure, animal shamanism
  • Dreams and internpretation
  • Clear and release old emotional blocks and progress forward
  • Post Emotional and Ritual abuse release and clearing


Shamanic Intuitive Readings:

  • Resolve issues with your ancestors and past life clearing
  • Discover who your guides are
  • Build your spiritual practice
  • Heal your heart
  • Clearing of Old Beliefs
  • Closure of Deep Soul trauma
  • Remote Clearing of Property
  • Remote Healing

Intutive Psychic Tarot Readings and Spiritual Healing


My Spiritual services are natural and always connects to the highest Form of your Higher Self.

I help people to find their Inner Truth, to live in their authenticity, take back their control, own themselves,find love for themself in absolute honor of the heart and creativity. I am blessed with the natural gifts, knowledge of universal law, Spiritual divination that can help people navigate life’s obstacles.

Spiritual Cleansing

I will help you remove negative interference and strengthen your energy, influences,frequencies can be cleared and released from your life to return to your control. Take your power back. Energy extends over time and distance, i work directly with your energy in person or on skype , telephonic.

Spiritual Alignment

A spiritual alignment by aligning your heart with your true potential will help sustain your connection to who you are beyond all the day-to-day distractions. Energy extends over time and distance, i work directly with your energy in person or on skype , telephonic.


Protection Work

People we come into conflict with can create all sorts of issues for us both practically and energetically. Clearing of negative energy. Protection and Clearing, Soul release work . Why did he left you? why are things not working in your relationship? want to feel Self empowered? Get that what you are seeking, want to feel driven and more energized?Improve your relationship, and finally get closure when someone you love has passed on.

Don’t you want to see why things happen the way they do? Would you like to learn how to manage your life in a positive way by gaining sacred knowledge.Sacred knowledge is sacred because it is organic and comes from within you. Knowledge removes fears of the unknown, self doubt and all manner of emotional discordance from our existence.

Today is the beginning of a new Chapter in your life, The Truth is within you. Improve your life, unlock your Destiny, walk on the path you were meant to, to overcome old belief systems and to break old cycles. Your Life Path is unique to you just like a finger print, this is the journey within your heart, to become heart centered and that is where creation takes place. For Some the process will be difficult and for others it will be easy.

Patience and Love towards yourself is the starting point. We ask advice on what we can do to change ourselves for the better, instead of expecting it to do the work for us. While I don’t believe you need any special magic powers to be able to read the tarot, sometimes it takes a stranger, a third party, to relay these messages to you for it to really sink in. After all, we struggle to take our own advice, even if the cards in our hands were what gave it to us Restore karmic timelines, find the truth within, remap your entire life with a few words everyday, celebrate your humanity knowing where to go.

 The Heart And its Power, the power to change your life –

Dr George W Crile , of the Cleveland Laboratories …

announced that he had discovered, at the heart of every living organism a tiny

nucleus of energy, all aglow, with temperatures ranging from 3000 to 6000 degrees of heat, which he called “radiogens” or “hotpoints”

precisely akin to the radiant energy of solar matter.

He affirmed that a tiny particle of the sun’s power and radiance was lodged within the heart of every organic unit ! “- Alvin Boyd Kuhn

This proves to show that we are truly microcosmic universes of a greater macrocosm.



” The heart is the first organ to form in the body. It is the organizing factor for physical formation, including for brain formation. The heart contains extensive brain-like neural matter and has recently been classified as a gland because it produces its own hormone. In addition to our cerebral brain, we indeed have a “heart brain.” The heart not only puts out its own balancing and regulating hormones, but also instantaneously communicates electromagnetic and chemical information to the rest of the body and to other bodies near it.

In her article “Spirit and Matter of the Heart, “Dorothy Mandel writes,

“The heart can act as an internal pharmacy-dispensing and communicating what is needed where and when. Its rhythm and pulse can entrain all of the body’s rhythms and cycles into coherent harmony and communicate many other types of vital information as well.” Each person’s EKP pattern is as unique as their fingerprint. The wave variations in each “heartprint” contain information about the different organ systems and rhythms in the body. When two people touch, the heartwave of one can be seen registering in the brainwave of the other.


Research has shown that the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body:

  •  The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain.
  •  The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain
  •  The electromagnetic energy of the heart not only envelops every cell of the human body, but also extends out in all directions in the space around us
  •  Our cardiac field touches those within 8 – 10 feet of where we are positioned (and perhaps in more subtle ways at greater distances)
  •  One person’s heart signal can effect another’s brainwaves, and heart-brain synchronization can occur between two people when they interact
  •  Research conducted at the Institute of HeartMath suggests that the heart’s field is an important carrier of information
  • Our mental and emotional state impacts the quality of contact we offer to another person. When we touch one another with safe, respectful, loving intention both physically and emotionally, we call into play the full healing power of the heart. The greater the “coherence”–a sense that life is comprehensible, manageable and meaningful– one develops, the more sensitive one becomes to the subtle electromagnetic signals communicated by those around them.”


 “Life is about finding yourself…Life is about creating yourself ”

– George Bernard Shaw