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Aurora MH

Appointments must be made in advance. Readings via email,skype or telephonic

Tarot Readings & Healing

1hr Tarot ReadingĀ  @ $ 40.00

60 minutes is enough time to cover all the areas of your life and to establish the issue. It also allows for more time for questions at the end of the reading.

30 Minute Tarot Reading 30 minutes @ $25.00

30 minutes is perfect if you want to focus on one area of your life. If you know you like to ask a lot of questions a 60 minute appointment will allow more space for us to dig deeper.

90 Minute Tarot Reading 1 hour 30 minutes @ $75.00

90 minutes allows a lot of time to explore both your life and possible futures. We can look more deeply into patterns and explore the underlying challenges in your whole life.

120 Minute Tarot Reading 2 hours @ $80.00

A two hour reading will change your life! We can explore your life and futures. Look deeply into patterns and the underlying reasons for them and do healing work in the session using the cards, your guides, energy, and more.

Spiritual Work

Ancestral Healing and Clearing 1 hour @ $ 100.00

Connecting to your Spirit connections around you in your ancestors or karmic session. We work to resolve issues you have with people who have passed on, get guidance about your life, and find spiritual solutions to make changes.

Consultation 30 minutes @ $ 55.00

If you are looking to hire me, and the spirits I work with, to do some spiritual work on your behalf, and have not had a reading with me, this is the first step. Please note that you will have to allow certain aspects and to hold the intention in place.

Soul Alignment 1 hour @ $ 100.00

Your spiritual body, like your physical body, can slide out of alignment or be impacted by external events. These sessions works with prayer and energy to re-align your energy and chakras to get you back on track.

Dream interpretation 1 hour @ $ 80.00

Understanding your dreams is a powerful way to access both your unconscious and the spirit world. Book a session to find out what your dreams are telling you.

Contact and Enquiries:

  • skype and telephone is available
  • email :
  • South Africa



I do not provide medical diagnosis, or consultations related to health, medical, or psychiatric issues.
Soul healing, is an alternative hands-on healing method to understand the unseen world, and although there is evidence that soul healing is effective treating physical, mental, and spiritual conditions, the method is considered alternative or complementary by Western health care professionals.
By engaging with spirit, energy fields, and systems natural to each person and the Universe, I connect to the subtle energy fields or spiritual bodies of the client, not the physical body which is the domain of the medical field and other allied health care professionals.
I am not a medical doctor or other licensed health care professional, and cannot provide you with any kind of medical care, treatment, or diagnosis in relation to the physical health or well being of your body. Soul healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from licensed and registered healthcare professionals. You should seek professional medical advice before making any health decision.
Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel an appointment please give as much notice as possible. I ask for full payment for the session if you cancel within 24 hours from the session time. If you need to cancel over a weekend, I ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation.
When doing in-person treatments in my office I expect payment to be made either by cash, money order or check at the time of treatment. For long distance work via the telephone I expect payment to be made at the time of service via credit card or if by check or money order I expect payment to be received by my office prior to the treatment.
In signing the attached Acknowledgment and Release form you agree that I may work with you in the above-described manner. I make no promises other than those outlined above. Many of my clients experience increased well-being and improvement in their condition. But I cannot promise you these things. I am not aware of any risks or negative side effects associated with these treatments.

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